Jul 27 2012

Notes from COS Pride

Posted by Chris in Chris
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Last weekend was Colorado Springs Pride, and then as soon as it was over I hopped on a plane and head to California for the week for work. And of course the internet at the hotel was having problems so I could not write a post. I actually volunteered at Pride and helped man the beer garden for one of the two days.

Being a 27 year old gay guy I was definitely an oddity among the volunteers. In fact I only saw 4 gay guys in their twenties volunteering the entire duration of pride. The volunteers were by a large margin made up of lesbians of all ages, and several older gay guys in their 50s. Sadly this did not surprise me.

Those of us that are younger and gay have found that invariably at pride and other events organized by the Colorado Springs Pride center (and possibly others but I do not want to generalize) have found that although not all, several older gay guys show up and make a show of quite frankly molesting the younger gays. And I definitely encountered this during Pride. You are welcome to look at me and think I am hot all you want, but I seriously do not need you to tell me to turn around so you can look at my beautiful ass. Or while I am bending over to pick something up off the ground reach down and pull out my underwear so you can see what brand I am wearing. Or rubbing my legs when I am sitting down next to you. Or trying to hug me every time I walk away. Or trying to convince me to strip down to my underwear because all of the cool kids are doing it.

I was asked last weekend why the younger crowd does not show up to Pride Center events. The answer is we do not want to hang out with a bunch of creepy old guys who are going to be all about turning you into a sex idol. Every last one of the things I mentioned happened to me at Pride. If we could go to a pride center event and not get molested or publicly told how beautiful we are by creepy old gays we might actually show up.

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