Jul 20 2012


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I added a couple companies to my boycott list today. ThinkProgress released an article with some interesting information about what companies are contributing large sums of money to get Romney and Boehner elected. Several of the companies on this list I used to buy stuff from, but now are on the boycott list.

With these additions, I thought I would tell you who I am currently boycotting.

  • Chick-fil-A – has long been on my boycott list for their rabidly anti-gay views.
  • Walmart – I just do not like them.
  • Lowe’s – no benefits for gay couples and Home Depot is very supportive.
  • Blue Bell Ice Cream – $40,000 to Boehner. Blue Bell is based in Texas, Boehner is from Ohio. Buying congressman anyone?
  • Marriott – JW Marriott $1,000,000 to Romney.
  • New Balance – CEO gives $1,000,000 to Romney.
  • Angel Soft – owned by the Koch brothers.
  • Regal Cinemas – $50,000 to Boehner.

There are several other companies on Think Progress’s report that I did not list, solely because I never shop at them in the first place. Check it out.

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  1. GI Says:

    Thanks for giving us the TP link! I’ll certainly look at that article!

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