Jul 05 2012

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Whenever a company comes out and publicly supports gay rights you hear a bunch of prognosticators, most of them right wing, saying that business should not be getting into gay rights. That gay rights have nothing to do with business and that it may actually hurt their business. You heard this with Starbucks. You heard it with Microsoft. You hear it every time a company comes out for gay rights.

I know I am only one person, but it really does matter to me. I personally do not like the products Home Depot carries, and prefer Lowe’s when it comes to a home improvement store. However, Home Depot has a much better gay rights record than Lowe’s does. The HRC equality index gives Lowe’s a 15, and Home Depot gets a 75. Home Depot put a float in the Denver gay pride parade and Lowe’s does not even provide health benefits to gay partners. So even though I like Lowe’s product a lot better, I almost exclusively shop at Home Depot. The only time I go to Lowe’s is when somebody gives me a gift card to them.

Yesterday, I decided I needed a new printer. I went out with the plan of shopping around for the best printer at the best price. The first place I walked into was Office Depot. When I walked in I noticed on their front door they had a big sign that says Office Depot supports the Born This Way Foundation. Right then I decided that if a company is willing to say with a big sign on their front door that they support gay rights, then that is a company I want to support. I bought a printer right then and there without shopping around solely because of their very visible support for gay rights.

I boycott all sorts of companies over their stances on gay rights. I boycott Lowes, Chick-fil-A, Tinseltown Movie Theaters, and more solely because of their stance on gay rights. I can get everything these companies offer at somewhere that supports gay rights, therefore I do not shop at them.

Granted some companies are so prevalent that it is impossible to avoid them. Companies like AT&T and Target which have mixed records.

If a company supports gay rights they are generally going to gain the younger more educated crowd that has discretionary money to spend. Yes they are going to lose some customers too, but generally speaking those customers are going to be older, less educated, and not as affluent.

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