Jun 18 2012

Observations from Pride

Posted by Chris in Chris
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I went up to Denver yesterday with a few friends for PrideFest. Well more for the Pride Parade than the actual festival. It was hot, and rather than sitting in 95 degree heat to listen to some music and browse a bunch of vendors we left shortly after the parade.

The parade was an exhausting 2.5 hours. And most of it was 2.5 hours of boring. But I did notice a few big things.

  • Pride parades are done for gay guys. You see a bunch of scantily clad guys, and virtually every lady you see in the parade is a drag queen. There are almost no scantily clad girls in the parade for the lesbians to ogle.
  • You know it is an election year when half of the parade is made up of politicians. It seemed like every Democrat in a 4 county radius was at the parade.
  • Despite all of the politicians most of them will not interact with the common folk. They walk down the center of the parade route surrounded by their supporters. As soon as the parade is over they are gone and do not stick around Pride. The one politician in the parade that I actually saw talking to people and canvassing was Stephen Ludwig, and he is the only politician I remember from the parade. Because of this I have gained an immense amount of respect for him.
  • Surrounding municipalities sent representatives to the parade saying that they recognize that gays are part of the community and deserve to be respected. The Aurora police were at the parade, and did a hilarious escape skit.
  • Denver had both police and fire representation. In Colorado Springs we have neither. The police are there, but they are there only to close the road, not to actually be part of the parade.
  • Finally, but certainly not earth shattering, Pride Parades have become corporate behemoths. All of the floats are either politicians, gay bars, hair salons, gay friendly churches, or corporations like Coors Light, Home Depot, Noodles and Company. You hardly see any protest groups that are actually protesting for gay rights. This also makes the parade a boring thing to watch as their is very little to actually rile up the crowd.

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