Jun 14 2012

Marsha Looper

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My last post I talked about how the Republican’s who claim to love their gay sons but are against civil unions do not really love their gay sons, they love the power that being in political office gives them. Yesterday I read even more proof that Marsha Looper one of the politicians I talked about loves the power more than she loves her family.

Of the $64,000 Marsha Looper has raised recently, she donated $52,000 of it herself. She spend $52,000 on what is essentially a job search. If that is not evidence enough that Marsha Looper loves the power that having political office gives her more than anything else in life then I do not know what is.

She could have bought two cars, helped the homeless, sent somebody to college, or a whole lot of other good things with that money. But rather than do anything good with it, she spent it to keep her job. She spent $52,000 to keep a job that only pays $30,000 per year (plus a per diem). And the really sad thing, that is the amount as of 2 weeks ago, it has probably gone up significantly in the past 2 weeks.

So do Republican’s who have gay sons, but do not believe in equal rights and equal treatment really love their gay sons? No, they love the power the political office gives them.

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