Aug 27 2011

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Posted by Chris in Chris
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I will get back to my introspection series next week. Currently I am taking a little vacation. However, I did want to take a few minutes and state my comment policy. I have had to reject several comments over the past several weeks.

To start I am the ultimate decision maker on all comments. If I determine a comment should not be displayed on this site I reserve the right to remove it at anytime. There is no recourse or appeal of this decision.

I do have a few simple rules. Breaking these rules will definitely get your comment removed and could possibly get your email address banned from posting comments.

First and foremost is NO ADVERTISING. Comments like “I just started a blog You should check it out.” or “I signed up through Alternative Entertainment Inc.” and then linking to Alternative Entertainment Inc in the comment URL will immediately get your comment removed and your email address banned.

Second, stay on topic. Any comments that are off topic are removed.

Third, contribute to the discussion. A comment “I agree.” will be removed; however, if you state I agree and then go on to explain why the comment will not be removed.

Fourth, keep it civil. I hope I do not have to explain this one.

Also, I know a lot of people like to comment as it provides them the opportunity to link to their own site. I have no problems with this, but the first comment you make will receive extra scrutiny to make sure it is not a thinly veiled attempt at advertising.

I welcome and encourage comments. But please try to abide by these few simple rules.

To most of my readers, sorry for this minor interruption and their have been some very good comments lately. However, I have gotten really tired of removing comments that are quite clearly advertising.

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